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demoniodehiel in marsters_daily

Smashed: screencaps from the dailies, Vampire Spike

Hello, cuties ;)

I have very  short time lately ...was wishing to have awhile for upload a few screencaps, and dailies!

Is it a very short video, but Spike is SO CUTE  

That beautiful face, that eyes, mouth... *aaaaawwwwwww*

The caps:

This two caps have to me obsessed

They are THE eyelashes


And from my dailies, the vid (Rigth clik + save as)

Thanks to my Sire 
[info]ehiztari     for the hosting!!! 

Smashed Spikevamp

I hope that you like

Comments (and chocolats) is very apreciatted!! ;D





Oh thank you so much for these. Isn't he a beauty!
is A BEAUTY even with "vampface"
The most sexy vampire from the whedonverse :)~
hello cutie :)
I can link your blog with a access button in my forum?
Thanks and *hugs*
Of course you may love. I'd be honored. :)
Ok, is ready, back in the page
It is not a very pretty button, but already I will find some best one ;) ;) ;)


te honour in mine!!!
Thanks a lot :D

WEEEE! Thank you so, so much hon! :D You rock!
Thanks luv :D
oh thanks so much!! *sigh* such purty eyelashes!!
It should be a crime for men to have lovely long eyelashes like that - It's definitely not fair *pouts*

I think like that, also XD
I s a CRIME!!!!! XD
Oooo.. very pretty!

Thanks for the vid!!
Thanks for the video and the screencaps! *heart*
Thanks a lot for coments, girls :D
I missed you, this too much work days :(

Sorry by my terrible english, Gillo O.O

Honey, these screencaps are gorgeous!
And you're so right about the eyelashes...

*covers you with chocolate and hugs*
Mmmmmm....thanks a lot sweetie

merÇi beaucoup!
Wow, those eyelashes :drool: He´s got a beautiful face, what the f... he IS beautiful, loooooooooool.

Thanks for the caps and the video, is so cool and your job is amazing like always.

I´ll send you lots of chocolate bars, losts of my best hugs and a Spikebot too, lmao!

Thanks again sweetie :kiss:
Thanks to you lady
Un beso ;)
nice caps! *love&chocolate*
I love the caps :) Pretty Handsome Vamp-Spike :)) Thanks for sharing again (especially if you don't have a lot of time), for the video too.
Your icon is great!!!
Thanks to you for comment :)
Thanks :) vampkiss' work. I noticed it fitted the caps the best :)
thank you!!!
Thanks for the shirtless Spike and the chocolats YUM! :D
hee hee hee
It's sharable.
aaawwww your icon is adorable!!!
¿adorable is rigth word??? O.o
Very nice, i like him a lot :D
Yes, that is the right word.
Cuts of this had two, but one is corrupt and I have had to cut it a little, but the other is complete.
It would please me to know WHAT DOES to the other side of the corner 8)~... I have it in my forum, I will try in days to bring it for you
Yes, I have two shoots of that scene
This capture is from the scene that you find, i think

Right now I am with two fics (spangel and spangelus), and walk little of time: (
You are so generous and kind to us here. Thank you for sharing - especially those fabulous eyelashes!
Thanks to you for coment, luv 8)