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demoniodehiel in marsters_daily

Dead things: captures from the dailies, a part of the alley scene

Hi to all!

Tonigth captures of impressive dailies. Part of the filming of the dead things scene in the alley, when Buffy gives the beating to Spike. Is a very hard and sad scene.
That filming not includded in the series, that the fist filmed but are possibly too reaslistic for the TV. They have commented to me that James Marsters said they where too bleeding for BTVS. They are, indeed.

Is a dailies very interesting and excelent work of makeup, and James is impressive.
Is the first time when I cut this dailies and upload to the net!

Warning: violence and blood

The caps:



And this, for comparing, which wee see in the series, is not blood:

And the video: click rigth and save as


ehiztari for the hosting!

Dead things alley Spikeblood

Sorry by my very little english and a greeting ;)





Goodness. Even knowing it's makeup doesn't stop me shuddering.

Thank you so much for sharing once more. And don't worry about your English - you make perfect sense! (Su ingles esta mucho mejor que mi espanol!)
OMG you speak spanish? You are a box of surprises, sweetie ;)

Thanks for coment *hugs* :D
Oh my. That is very graphic. I would have been quite frightened to see that on TV.
Thanks for posting all these dailies!
Thanks for comment, luv :)
Thanks so much for uploading this.

It really puts a new twist on that episode, doesn't it? If it had stayed that bloody, what would that have said about Buffy? I agree with girlmacbeth--I'd have been cheering for him to go take her out.
I hate this scene, and Buffy is terrible.
But let's think that all that is doing it to Spike and saying to if same, as explained to me a girl of my forum once.
It is projected in Spike, and she loves it, and Buffy hate himself. Itis very complicated.

thanks for this video ^^
Grazie, sweetie :)
grazie molte demoniodehiel :)
Thanks to you, luv :D
Oh my God....
Its horrible...amd its hurt...very much...
Its a incredible work...and its very hurt...and painfull...
I lover Buffy...you know...bur this is...Oh my god...
Sorry for my English...
Thankyou for this work...
Yor Childe...
Thanks, sweetie, is a very hard and painfull scene, for Spike and also for Buffy I think.
Thanks for coment *kiss*
Eeeek I hate that scene. Thanks for posting though.
Thanks to you for comment :D
Thank you very much again for posting these, sweetie :)
I hated that scene already (even knowing that Buffy projects on Spike her own rage and disgust for herself --it excuses nothing) and these captures are far more impressive than the scene itself. I guess they cut it, first because of censorship and second because it would have been really bad for Buffy's image! It's very interesting to see that!

By the way, we can speak French: I've been living in France for ten years now ;)

It is true, it does not excuse anything, only it explains a bit the odious behavior of Buffy
Spike I could not defend already in this scene, it is terrible :(

Merçi beaucoup for comment :D
A curiosity: what rating of age had BTVS's in the air in USA?
Probably also did they censure because of it?
In Spain is rated TP O.o...very bad thing, i do

Thanks :)
TP=for all ages, included children! O.o
Thank you, sweetheart!
Thanks to you for comment :D
I believe that your words are unjust, but not sufficient english like explaining it. I`m sorry
I am different from all, I love this scene, it is very powerful, but indeed the blood would have been too much probably, as it was Spike was beaten up horribly. Poor sweetie. But I think this adds a lot of complexity to Buffy and their relationship. Not so easy to understand unless we take it from the Jung's shadow POV.
Well, you really loves Dead things, I think ;) ;) ;)
me too, is a great episode, although whit very sad and hard things