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Dead things: captures from the dailies, a part of the alley scene

Hi to all!

Tonigth captures of impressive dailies. Part of the filming of the dead things scene in the alley, when Buffy gives the beating to Spike. Is a very hard and sad scene.
That filming not includded in the series, that the fist filmed but are possibly too reaslistic for the TV. They have commented to me that James Marsters said they where too bleeding for BTVS. They are, indeed.

Is a dailies very interesting and excelent work of makeup, and James is impressive.
Is the first time when I cut this dailies and upload to the net!

Warning: violence and blood

The caps:



And this, for comparing, which wee see in the series, is not blood:

And the video: click rigth and save as


ehiztari for the hosting!

Dead things alley Spikeblood

Sorry by my very little english and a greeting ;)




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