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demoniodehiel in marsters_daily

Older and far away: captures from the dailies, The poker scene

Hello to all!

Today, a few caps  from the dailies of "Older and Far away", the poker (with NO kittens) scene :D
Spike is...YUM  in every image...that eyes, that mouth...that facials expresions...*awwww*

This is a lovely scene, I love Tara asking Spike for our "cramp".  
(Sorry by my little english)

The caps:



And this...Spike have problems with the shirt...more confortable shirtless, i think ???


 And Buffy *drooling* XD

And poor, sad klem...without kittens ;)


And from my dailies, two vids:

Spike short plane SO CUTE

Spike and sad Klem

I Hope that you like,  a greting ;)


Oh these are very nice! Droolworthy. Thank you for capturing them.
Thanks for comment, sweet :)
Thank you, sweetie.
Thanks to you :D
Greetings to you too and also, thanks!
As always, thanks so much for posting these!
Thank you! You're super! ^_^
Oh yes, you're right, he's lovely... and you're lovely to post them here :)
Thanks a lot, sweetie :)
Your icon is LOL
Thanks for your amiability *hugs*
Thanks for sharing again! Snagged some caps and adding to memories.
Thanks again to you, pet :D
thanks, I love them !!!
Took the videos :D Thanks a lot for sharing ;)
Thanks for the vids!
Thanks to all, ladies...I`m very happy for your comments, and sharing this CUTE Spike whit us :)~
Thank you so much for continuing to post these. I really, really appreciate it.
You are awesome! Thank you!
Thank you so much for sharing these - such a very pretty man!

Thanks again for sharing your caps and dailies.